Professional profile

Adriana is a Performing Artist that has participated in a number of professional performances of theatre, dance theatre and physical theatre, working on stage under direction of Dieter Welke, Everett Dixon, Helios Fernandez, Rosario Ruiz Rodgers, Robert Wilson, Eddy Armando and Paola Cazares among others. She has worked with several companies as La Mama Theatre, Macnas from Ireland, Els Comediants from Barcelona, and the Robert Wilson Company, between others.  Adriana has also created and directed professional pieces of clown, dance theatre, physical and contemporary theatre in UK.

Adriana is also an Arts Manager, graduated from the University of Wales, Institute of Cardiff as an MBA. She has a research about the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which conclusions you can find in the blog of this web. She also worked as cultural coordinator at LAHA, London. She was a Lecturer at the University of Wales, UK; and she was the Artistic Director of La Divata UK Dance Theatre Company.

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