2015 Celebrating 20 years of artistic life!

Adriana Henao who gathers 20 years of artistic life and over 30 professional shows form her own company from 2013 when she arrives to Spain after working in several countries with renowned directors in Europe and in the Americas and after leading the company the Divata dance theater in the UK.
The company works from the psychophysical investigating the movement as a generator of emotion. The repertoire includes pieces both for family audiences and adults. The main interest of the company is addressing issues that talk about the human condition: the being and existence; the woman and her times; and the sense of women in time. Creating contrast to the daily rhythms and away from naturalism, bringing the viewer both the enjoyment and reflection.

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Latest News

Permanent workshop of Physical training for actors and dancers
Thursdays 10 am
Place: Studios Son Armadams


April, May, June 2015
Munich, Vienna, Essex (UK), Barcelona, Madrid

Open auditions for 2016 performances
June 2015
Place: TBC