The Caterpillar

A Clown show of visual physical theatre

This is a clown show of visual physical theatre. The play talks about universal themes: the sense of life, the human nature and the solitude. Besides, it raises awareness about nature and little things and the importance of protecting the environment.

This is the story of a very sensitive and fearful clown caterpillar, but audacious and brave when she has to be. She gets angry easily when things go wrong because she is always getting into trouble, but soon she finds ways to calm down. This caterpillar has survived to the fumigations in her orchard and is in search of a place where to live. The plays begins when the Caterpillar is walking and suddenly finds a huge fruit that she uses as a home. She lives a series of adventures with the natural dangers that threaten her until she becomes a different being, a beautiful and conceited butterfly.

For all audiences.  

Artistic team 

Creator, director and performer                 Adriana Henao
Costumes Pedro Felipa Aparcana
Set design Pedro Felipa Aparcana
Photography and video Alberto López
Music Freak Fandango Orchestra