Pierrot is a poetic show of physical theater

Pierrot is a poetic show of physical and gestural theatre for all ages. A non-verbal language of physical actions is used as it is usual by the company's work. It relies on images and movements accompanied by music.

Available in three languages: English, Spanish, Catalan

Pierrot, the lover of the moon, is a clumsy, curious and a little melancholic puppet, who one day decides to cut his strings and undertake an adventure in search of the moon.

The piece claimed that all dreams, not matter how absurd they are, can be achieved, no matter our limitations, we can reach up even what seems impossible.

The staging is clean and minimalist. There is no scenery, object or piece of apparel that is not justified, the rest remains in the imagination of the spectator. The magic of theatre is to make the invisible visible, says Peter Brook. In the empty space, the action of the artist is in your body and the ability to create from silence, stillness and emptiness.


Artistic team

Creator, director and performer     Adriana Henao
Costumes Pedro Felipa Aparcana
Set design Pedro Felipa Aparcana
Photography and video Alberto López
Music Fabian Measures, Kevin MacLeod
Voices Alex Tejedor