Journey Home

A trans-disciplinary solo work of physical theatre

"Journey home" is a trans-disciplinary solo work of physical theatre that explores the unconscious female world. Three stories happen simultaneously: The real character who is the center of the plot, her dreams and an old tribal story that unveil the meaning of her dreams.

"Female passage continues throughout the life cycle. Femininity is expressed in organic events and this fact inescapably underscores identity. The quality of female development rests on the abilities to both possess and empty out. Fullness and loss, attachment and separateness are dynamically recurring themes in a woman's life."

]. Offerman-Zuckerberg  


 Artistic Team

Creator, director and performer     Adriana Henao
Collaborators María Luna, Marga Llobera, Luis Felipe Negrette
Texts, script María Luna
Costumes Gladis Cardona
Photography and video Alberto López
Ambient sound Adriana Henao Company
Art design Elia Gualtero Rojas
Project research Adriana Henao, María Luna