Soul skin

"Soul skin" is a sole piece based on the research of the relationship between movement and emotion. The piece relates to the social and political role of the body and its limitations. The skin loss and vulnerability, dryness and a cripple state of mind. It also addresses the unconscious feminine world. When we lack the skin we lose security, spirit, inner strength, intuition, life.

"There is nothing behind the root of fear ... And if fear becomes root? But the root is not rigid, starts moving. And, after immobility, it allows us to balance, to oscillate over ourselves." María Luna

 Artistic Team

Creator, director and performer     Adriana Henao
Collaborators María Luna, Marga Llobera, Luis Felipe Negrette
Texts María Luna
Costumes Gladis Cardona
Photography and video Alberto López
Ambient sound Adriana Henao Company
Art design Elia Gualtero Rojas