Ooruk, is a solo developed from the psychophysical work in an exploration of the world of the female psyche. It is a symbolic piece that creates a universe of images and sounds. Ooruk is the wild child of the psyche, the medial relationship between ego and soul, is the result of their balanced union, the spiritual power.
For analytical psychology this balance is necessary for a healthy psyche. Among ethnic groups around the world, says that human beings are not truly alive until the soul gives birth to spirit.



"The voice might be the most genuine part of the person. And the voice emerges from the world of living things that are out of the deadly logic of power." Adriana Cavarero

Artistic Team

Creator, director and performer  Adriana Henao
Collaborators María Luna, Elia Gualtero Rojas
Texts María Luna
Costume designer Liis Koskaru
Photography and video Alberto López
Music Kevin MacLeod