Artistic process

The development of an idea conceived by Adriana Henao materializes through research processes that start from different points depending on the project, thus becoming a complex and elaborate piece. Each process can take many months or even years to be completed, working for long periods of time in a studio. The development of the projects are always a process involving a laboratory work from where the final material is extracted.

Each project is approached independently and separately; working on a common basis where physicality is the driving force of situations. It works on developing research structures from the psychophysical, investigating the movement as a generator of emotion. It takes as its starting point the body and the psyche as a whole, considering in turn the influence of the psychic state into the body.

Each research project is a process that implicates the participation of several collaborators. They can be both artists and technologists, academics and people from other related sciences. With the help of collaborators the work is enriched, creating increasingly complex projects that can delve into deeper issues.

The major concerns of Adriana Henao are generating pieces that talk about the human condition, regardless of aesthetic appeal, trying universal themes about being and existence. The projects of the last two years have addressed issues related to the psyche of women, their natural cycles and their relationship to time: the woman and her times; and the sense of women in time. In this way, the staging creates a contrast with the daily rhythms and gets away from naturalism.